Johnson Beth-El Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


Nurture human-centered, resilient, curious professionals prepared to promote and deliver high quality health care, optimize performance, and solve complex health problems. 



Achieve national recognition for enhancing health, wellness, and performance for all through integrated education, research, scholarship, clinical care, and community outreach. 

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Johnson Beth-El Strategic Plan Goals

Johnson Beth-El Strategic Plan Goals
  • Advance interprofessional education, research, scholarship, and practice to prepare collaborative leaders to promote, treat, and manage health, wellness, and performance. 


    1. Identify and foster mutually beneficial public-private partnerships to support student learning, research, scholarship, professional development, and community health and well-being.
    2. Promote collaborative opportunities to cultivate an inclusive and team-based environment of mutual respect.
    3. Develop a culture of innovative and sustainable interprofessional education.

  • Foster a culture of wellbeing among students, employees, and the community by supporting the sustainable and holistic development of health and wellness, resilience, and accessibility.


    1. Support student and employee mentorship opportunities to enhance career interests and pathways, professional development, and workforce skills.
    2. Collaborate with college stakeholders to enhance and expand dynamic opportunities for the wellbeing and learning of students, employees, and the community.
    3. Increase accessibility to education and life-long learning through innovative academic opportunities for all. 
  • Establish an innovative, nationally recognized academic health and wellness community to serve all stakeholders.


    1. Explore and develop internal and external partnerships to support the health and wellness community.
    2. Build cutting-edge college facilities to serve all stakeholders via education, research, scholarship, and clinical practice.
    3. Develop innovative programs and teams guided by stakeholder input that prepare health, wellness, and performance professionals to improve health and performance outcomes.
  • Champion a culture of belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


    1. Implement and sustain best practices for recruiting, retaining, and supporting college students and employees.
    2. Support teaching, research, scholarship, practice, and service within an environment that promotes belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    3. Implement training and professional development opportunities to educate students and employees about belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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