Johnson Beth-El Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

Johnson Beth-El Alumni-Student Mentorship Program


This program will connect current Johnson Beth-El (JBE) undergraduate and graduate students with experienced and recent JBE alumni to engage in mutually rewarding relationships focused on academic and professional goals. These interactions will consist of shared experiences, knowledge, and role modeling. This program is not restricted to in-person meetings withing Colorado Springs. Remote (distance) mentoring (e.g., video conferencing, online meeting software/platforms) is encouraged, especially among students and alumni who may not live in the Colorado Springs area or have readily available access to transportation.  

Each student will be paired with an alumni mentor based on similar interests and experiences. The mentor and mentee will establish a mutually convenient schedule for meeting to address the mentee’s goals and objectives. For some, this may consist of weekly or monthly meetings, others may opt for less formal meetings on a as needed basis.  The frequency and expectations of these meetings should be clearly defined and no less than once per semester for one-year.  The mentor should be available, within reason, to assist the mentee in various questions and procedures such as: constructing a resume/CV, job search process, interviewing, advanced education/degrees, career prospects and more.

Additional program information: 

  • The program duration is expected to last one year or two-three academic semesters at the least. 
  • Mentors (alumni) and Mentees apply now through September 17, 2023.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be matched at the start of the Fall 2023 semester.
  • Student Mentee applications are open for Fall 2023 matches
  •  Mentors (especially, new mentors joining the program) will be required to submit a background check before they are matched with a student. (If you have completed this process once before, you do not need to submit a new background check)
  • Pro-Tip: Use your first meeting to establish preferred methods of communication and goals/objectives of the mentorship relationships are, future frequency of meetings and to get to know one another’s backgrounds and personal goals for growth through this program.

Johnson Beth-El Alumni Mentor

Expectations Of Alumni (Mentor)

  • Make yourself as readily available as your schedule permits. 
  • Work with your mentee to identify and establish mutual goals for your relationship and routinely review those goals with your mentee to ensure progress and to determine the next steps. 
  • Respect your mentee’s time and respond to messages or calls promptly (within two business days).
  • Notify your mentee no fewer than 24 hours in advance if you expect to miss a scheduled meeting.
  • Model and maintain professional behavior and respect for your mentee.
  • Instill a sense of confidence in your mentee and encourage them in their professional development.
  • Acknowledge your mentee’s achievements and offer positive reinforcement, but also, provide constructive criticism. 
  • When appropriate, share your ideas, experiences, resources, and potential personnel contacts.

Johnson Beth-El Student Mentee

Expectations Of Students (Mentee)

  • Work with your mentor to determine the mutually preferred frequency and method of contact. It is recommended that you meet at least once per semester for one year.
  • Provide your mentor with an agenda prior to your meetings. Agendas may include prepared questions and suggested discussion topics.  
  • Work with your mentor to identify and establish mutual goals for your relationship and routinely review your goals with your mentor to ensure progress and to determine the next steps.  
  • Respect your mentor’s time and respond to messages or calls promptly (within two business days).
  • Notify your mentor no fewer than 24 hours in advance if you expect to miss a scheduled meeting. 
  • Students should NOT assume their mentor will persist in this role beyond one semester or year, unless mutually agreed upon by pother parties.
  • Listen and respect the mentor’s knowledge, experience, and any advice they provide. 
  • Consider reverse mentoring by sharing your experiences and knowledge with your mentor to assist in their own professional development.
  • Don’t become defensive when your mentor provide feedback.  
  • Provide positive feedback to your mentor and do NOT disparage your mentor to others.
  • Express your gratitude for their time, knowledge, and effort. Mentees are required to send a thank you message upon competition of the program.

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