RN Refresher

RN Refresher

Are you an inactive registered nurse or an active registered nurse, but you feel out of practice with today's fast-paced health care environment? If so, then the new RN Refresher Course can bring you up to date with today's technology and standards. The RN Refresher course is an innovative course designed and developed by Johnson/Beth-El faculty. Because of the need to maintain standards in a rapidly changing technological world, this course was developed to keep registered nurses knowledgeable about current nursing techniques and practices. The RN Refresher Course will cover many objectives. In this course you will:

  • Review previous knowledge and basic patient care
  • Acquire additional knowledge and skills required of a medical/surgical nurse
  • Gain a renewed sense of self-confidence as a professional nurse
  • Be exposed to traditional and new career/educational opportunities
  • Be able to transfer into a staff orientation in a health care environment

The RN Refresher course will help out-of-practice nurses feel current and technologically up-to-date. Past RN Refresher students repeatedly express the feelings of security and self-assurance that they received from taking this course. If you want to reenter the health care profession as an RN, or if you feel intimidated by recent changes in technology, join our RN Refresher course and gain the skills to become an effective registered nurse. RN Refresher course is a semester long course offered each Fall, Spring, and Summer academic semesters.


Fall 2022

Class Dates: Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; September 2, 2022 – December 2, 2022. No Class November 25, 2022.

Attendance required for scheduled class dates.

Tuition and Fees: $2400.00

Class Number: 36226

How to Apply: Printable Apply Now Information – Registration begins April 18, 2022

Spring 2023

Class Dates: Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; January 27, 2023 – April 28, 2023. No Class March 31, 2023.
Attendance required for scheduled class dates.

Tuition and Fees: $2400.00

Class Number: 39773

How to Apply: Printable Apply Now Information Registration begins October 24, 2022

This course provides 240 contact hours (120 theory and 120 clinical) required by Colorado DORA for reinstatement,
reactivation, or licensure by endorsement.

LOCATION: Classes will be held in University Hall (3955 Regents Circle, Colorado Springs)
LUNCH: The lunch break will be 30 minutes. It is recommended that you bring your own lunch.
WEATHER/CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Class cancellations will be the same as that of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.


  • Submit the online Criminal Background Investigation (CBI)
  • Complete (in person) the required Drug Screening (DS)
    • NO EXCEPTIONS to the CBC/Drug screen will be made.
    • Once you have applied to the program, you will receive emailed instructions on how to complete your CBI and DS.
  • Please note that you must complete the criminal background investigation and drug test as part of the application process, with results received by the school prior to the start of the class.
  • Complete all required registration forms and payment of tuition and fees
    • Submit registration forms to Online Academic Outreach, (719) 255-3498, (800) 990-8227 x3498, Fax (719) 255-3911
    • For program costs, see the OAO page
    • For questions about billing or payment plans, contact bursar@uccs.edu
  • Have readily available computer and printer access and experience using an online searches engine such as Google
    • Students will be expected to conduct online searches and use a word processor.
  • Copy of current RN Licensure OR we will assist you in obtaining a temporary RN license from Colorado State Board of Nursing*
  • Obtain proof of Nursing Malpractice insurance*
  • Obtain a copy of your driver's license or state issued ID*
  • Obtain proof of current health care provider CPR training from American Heart Association*
  • Obtain proof of current immunizations to include:
    • PPD, MMR or positive titer, Hepatitis B, Varicella or positive titer, flu, tetanus, and COVID-19*

The above (*) items will be submitted directly to the course instructor on the first day of class.

FIRST DAY OF CLASS: On the first day of class, students will need to bring the following items:

  • Current immunization record
  • Copy of your current nursing license
  • Copy of your driver's license or state issued ID
  • Copy and proof of valid malpractice insurance
  • Copy of current health care provider CPR training from American Heart Association

The above items will be submitted directly to the course instructor on the first day of class.

Refund Policies: There are no refunds on non-credit courses dropped after the course census date. Students can see the census deadline(s) in their student portal, after they register for the courses, by clicking on the calendar icon in their class schedule. For further information visit the Office of the Registrar website.

Questions Contact
Michelle Mongillo, MSN, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC

RN Refresher Coordinator

Email: amongill@uccs.edu

Phone:  719-255-4422

Clinical Disclaimer: The 120 hour clinical component will be arranged for students in the program. This component has been designed to be a one-on-one clinical experience with a preceptor who will provide instruction, guidance, and support. Clinical rotations are primarily in the adult med/surgical units of the local hospitals.

Students are NOT to contact a clinical agency to negotiate a clinical placement. In addition, there are NO guarantees that students will be placed in the clinical agency of their choice. The time-frame to obtain a clinical placement can vary and NO guarantee of time-frame shall be otherwise construed. NO presumption of time-frame, placement, hours, shifts, employment, etc should be assumed by the student. The University works with a variety of affiliates and agencies in this program. The University maintains NO authority over the affiliates and/or agencies that the University collaborates with for the program. Therefore, the University can make NO guarantee as to the policy, procedure(s), protocol, personnel, time-frame, etc of the clinical affiliates or of the State Board of Nursing (DORA).

Disclosures: Non-Credit - Certificate of Completion - Not notated on transcript - Not Financial Aid Eligible

These Programs are NOT gainful employment certificates and are NOT eligible for financial aid. Degree seeking students should consult with their student advisor prior to taking non-credit courses. For a full description of UCCS certificate types and policies please view the UCCS Campus Policy.

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