NURS 4450: Population Health

NURS 4450: Population Health

About the Course

NURS 4450 Population Health is taken toward the end of the RN-BSN program and is a contact hour course. Students will complete contact hours at a community site of their choice, provided it is deemed appropriate by UCCS faculty. Below is important information about the course, instructions to enroll, and a message from the instructor, Dr. Judy Scott.

“We encourage students to NOT WAIT until the last minute to complete requirements. These steps take time. Please review the deadlines below for your intended enrollment term.”

Please read: Important information about this course

A Message from Dr. Scott

Please watch this important message from Dr. Scott regarding course requirements and what to expect. 

Checklist for Students Enrolling in NURS 4450: Population Health

Please read the following information carefully and follow the directions for each item. All requirements must be completed by the deadline stated below for your start time. If you do not complete these requirements before the deadline, you will not receive a permission number to register for this course.  All forms must be emailed to Linda Matthies at

Deadlines for Completing Checklist

The deadlines below are based on when you plan to begin the NURS 4450 course.


October 1


March 1


May 1

You must strictly adhere to the above deadlines.  Failure to complete the checklist prior to deadline may prevent your enrollment in NURS 4450, thus delaying your progression.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete portions of the checklist. Acrobat Reader is available as a free download from Adobe.

1. Have your prerequisites for NURS 4450 been met?
2. Handbook Attestation and Intent to Apply Form
3. Register for MyClinicalExchange and Upload Your Documents
4. Clinical Site Information Sheet
5. Background Check
6. Drug Screening
7. Photo for a Student ID Badge
8. COVID-19 Opt-in/Opt-out Form

Frequently Asked Questions

I have uploaded my documents into MyClinicalExchange, but the expiration dates I see do not match the dates on my immunization forms. Should I change this?
Who should I contact if I have questions?
When should I begin working on the checklist?
How do I fill out the PDF forms on this page?