Health & Wellness Promotion Minor

Minor in Health & Wellness Promotion

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online

Total Credits

18 Credits

About the Health & Wellness Minor Program

Students with an interest in health and wellness can complement their major area of study with a minor in health and wellness promotion.

Focus of Study

Students can choose from a variety of health promotion courses that focus on improving health and wellness behaviors and addressing health challenges among individuals and groups of all ages and diverse backgrounds including children and adolescents, adults, veterans, athletes, families, older adults, and individuals with chronic illness and/or disability.

Courses include competencies in needs assessment, health behavior change, program planning and evaluation, effective professional communication, and cultural humility. The minor also provides opportunities for applied learning and hands-on experiences through an optional internship experience.

Program Requirements

For program requirements, please contact us.

Program Coursework

Choose 18 credits from Health and Wellness Promotion courses: 

  • HSCI 1020: Personal Fitness and Wellness 
  • HSCI 2010: Intro to Health Science Professions 
  • HSCI 3120: Corporate Wellness 
  • HSCI 3201: Health Behavior Change 
  • HSCI 3251: Measuring Human Health Behaviors  
  • HSCI 3310: Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology 
  • HSCI 3520: Health Communication 
  • HSCI 3630: Culture and Health 
  • HSCI 4320: Community Health  
  • HSCI 4580: Physical Activity and Public Health  
  • HSCI 4590: Concepts of Health and Disease 
  • HSCI 4620/4621: Internship in Health Sciences/ Internship Orientation 
  • HSCI 4640: Program Planning  
  • HSCI 4650: Health Coaching 
  • HSCI 4670: Health Assessment 
  • HSCI 4760: Adapted Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sport  
  • HSCI 4840: Program Evaluation  undefined

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