Presentation Award

Presentation Award

The College Presentation Award

Johnson Beth-El (JBE) is committed to creating and disseminating innovative research and scholarly content that helps guide practice within the healthcare, human performance, and teaching fields. The financial support provided by this program (up to $500 annually per faculty/staff*) is intended to help foster this research and the development of scholarly knowledge. Funding is subject to availability.


All full-time faculty/staff (≥0.5 FTE) who have received confirmation from the conference organizers that their work has been accepted for presentation.


The JBE Presentation Award will be used to supplement faculty/staff participation in domestic and foreign conferences (including virtual) at which the faculty/staff are scheduled to present. These funds must be used to reimburse for allowable conference related expenses, such as conference registration, transportation, lodging, meals, and childcare expenses associated with dates of travel/presentation. 


Award applications must be submitted and accepted PRIOR to any travel to receive funds. Applications will be reviewed within five working days upon receipt. Faculty/staff must show email proof of presentation acceptance.

Award Distribution

Following the presentation (and all related expenses), faculty/staff must submit an electronic expense report for reimbursement.

*There are limited funds designated for this award annually. Once the funds are depleted each year no further awards will be available until the next fiscal year.

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