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Simulation Center at Beth-El

The Simulation Center is dedicated to developing learner confidence and competent clinical judgment through the use of innovative technology and experiential education.

Scheduling a Scenario with the Simulation Center

When Scheduling a Scenario with the Simulation Learning Center, Please fill out the Guidelines for Scheduling Scenarios and submit it to Dr. Lynn Phillips.

Access to the UCCS Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Student using their laptop

We are happy to announce that these videos are now available without the need for VPN access. However, if you encounter any issues while playing a video, we recommend trying the VPN as a solution.

If you still need assistance, please reach out to the OIT Help Desk.

Simulation Center Website

The Simulation IQ website contains information about scenarios as well as allows faculty to schedule requests to add scenarios to the schedule.

Simulation Center Forms

When students arrive at the Simulation Learning Center we will have them complete the following forms: