RN Refresher FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Program & Requirements

How to Apply
How do I apply?
Program Length
How long will it take me to complete the program?
Active License
How long will it take before I have an active license?
Is CPR certification required?

Program Cost & Other Expenses

Program Cost
What is the cost for the program?
Financial Aid
Is financial aid available?
Books & Uniforms
What is the cost (or approximate cost) for books and uniforms for the RN Refresher program?
Will I need malpractice insurance?
How much is parking?


I understand there is a clinical component. Briefly explain, how does the clinical component work for this program?
Is my clinical placement “guaranteed”?
Will I need a uniform?

The State Board of Nursing

Reactivate License
What are the requirements to reactivate an inactive license?
How to Apply
Where can I get the application to reactivate an inactive license?
How Long
How long will it take to process my reactivation application once I have submitted it to the Office of Licensing?
C.E.U. Requirements
Are there continuing education unit (C.E.U.) requirements to maintain inactive licensure or to reactivate an inactive license?