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All core nursing classes are offered online, including Community Health. The curriculum is flexible, and students may choose how many and which courses they take each semester. Students may also take up to two (2) consecutive semesters break from classes if needed and start again where they left off.

General Education Requirements

Courses can be transferred from your community college and must be completed before graduating with your BSN.
BIOL 2010 Anatomy and Physiology I with lab 4 credits
BIOL 2020 Anatomy and Physiology II with lab 4 credits
BIOL 2030 Microbiology with lab 4 credits
ENGL 1310 Rhetoric and Writing I 3 credits
ENGL 1410 Rhetoric and Writing II 3 credits
HSCI 2060 Health Science Statistics 3 credits
HSCI 2070 Nutrition for Health Professionals 1 credit
PSY 1000 General Psychology 3 credits
PSY 3620 Developmental Psychology 3 credits
  General Education Electives 15 credits
  Global Social Electives 6 credits
  Humanities Electives 6 credits
TOTAL 55 credits


Nursing Core Courses

Courses taken online through UCCS to complete BSN degree.
NURS 3010 Pathophysiology* 3 credits
NURS 3040 Reflective Practice 3 credits
NURS 3050 Health Assessment 3 credits
NURS 4015 Nursing Research 3 credits
NURS 4250 Professional Nursing Practice 3 credits
NURS 4350 Nursing Management 3 credits
NURS 4450 Population Health** 6 credits
NURS 4480 Capstone Project 3 credits
  Nursing Electives (consult your advisor) 6 credits
  Colorado Articulation Credits (awarded upon receipt of RN license) 38 credits
TOTAL 71 credits

Must complete 30 credits within the College to earn BSN degree

126 credits

* UCCS does not offer a Pathophysiology course online, but it can be taken at a community college and transferred in.
** Community Health contact hours are completed at a facility in your hometown. Background check and drug screening are required prior to beginning Community Health.